The Chinese philosopher Lau Tzu is reputed to have said that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and so it was with my art journey. Put off art in school by my lack of drawing skills and an art teacher with a traditional or narrow focus, I spent over 40 years thinking art was not for me.

It took an earthquake in my thinking to awaken my artist desires and sparks from a friend to light the fire that now burns under my creative caultron…..

Abstract art is for me the ultimate creativity and I like to create just for the sake of being expressive.
My only judge is me: do I like it?

If not, it gets binned or perhaps more likely goes into the draw labelled “for further consideration on another occasion”. I don’t like throwing things away, but once a year, make the effort to do so, to turn over and literally start again on the back.

The great thing about abstract art is that it is an adventure to create. The unseen becomes the seen. What was not, becomes what is. I often do not have a clue where I am going to end up or sometimes how I am going to get there. It is the ultimate improvisation and something that I love.

The creative process can be likened to taking a walk without knowing which path you will walk, the length of the walk or the final destination. This might seem a little scary, but it is also very freeing and more importantly there is no wrong path!

There are no false trails or wrong moves apart from not moving at all….

The wonderful thing I find about abstract art is its interpretation is all down to the viewer, it means something different to everyone. This is true of all art I think, but even more so with abstract art because of its ambiguous nature.